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  • A high-quality print on metal
    completes your product

Printing on metal

Artisan Printing Service has all different printing techniques to provide every kind of metal item with a logo, text or type number. We can print on metal objects as well as on sheet metal, in single or multiple colours. Ink adhesion is not easy on metal. That is why we use two-component ink that guarantees a scratch-resistant print.

Sizes and shapes

We are capable of modeling our machines in such a way to print on metal objects of any shape. We are also able to process sheet metal with a size up to 250 cm x 150 cm on our screen printing machine.

Digital printing 

With our digital printer we print full-colour, premium quality images on metal. This generates picture quality! The maximum size of the product to be used for this technique is 28 cm x 30 cm with a maximum height of 10 cm. Printing on aluminum sheets is possible but the result will be more hard-wearing on anodised, coated or colour-sprayed aluminum.

Examples of items we print on

  • Molded products
  • Displays
  • Control panels
  • Billboards and other signs
  • Sheet metal
  • Stainless steel enclosures
  • Aluminum fronts
  • Semi-finished products
  • Type plates
  • (Clock) faces
  • Name plates
  • Name badges


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we can also press metal fabric in our cleanroom.


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