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  • Silkscreen printing

Silk screen printing from mini to extra large!

At Artisan Printing Service we have extensive screen printing facilities. We can handle virtually any order for the most challenging materials in all quantities and sizes. From mini to extra large!

What are the advantages of screen printing?

Screen printing ink is highly opaque, so the technique is perfect for printing on dark backgrounds. With our machine park, we can print on flat, cylindrical or lightly conical products. This gives you endless printing possibilities. Our machines can be set up to print on almost any product: plastic, stainless steel, billboards, operating panels. Screen printing is ideal for printing on textiles, like company clothing, caps and bags.

  • Screen printing is excellent for printing on flat or slightly curved surfaces.
  • Our cylindrical screen printer can print on glass and even on wax candles
  • We can print an extra large size 250 x 150 cm.
  • This technique is excellent for printing on dark products. 


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