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  • Foil printing

Foil printing adds a quality look to your product

Foil printing (also known as foil application) is the application of metallic or pigmented foil on to a solid surface by application of a heated magnesium die onto foil, making it permanently adhere to the surface below leaving the design of the die. No ink is used in foil printing. You can choose a matte or glossy foil (as well as sparkling metals) from our extensive range. This will give a distinguished, added value look to your product.

What are the advantages of foil printing?

Foil printing is non-erasable and pin sharp. Colours are true to life. This will add value to your product’s look and feel.

  • Our foil printers print a maximum size of 12 x 6 cm
  • Our foils will not rub off.
  • Embossed text can now be coloured.


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