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    for all your large format sheets

    (max. 700cm x 210cm)

Screen printing service for the automotive sector. We print on glass, metal, and polycarbonate, creating clean designs like a black edge with dot patterns. We provide also functional features through screen printing, such as printing lines for rear window defrosting or burglary alarm elements. Our expertise in large-format printing offers both aesthetic refinement and functional innovations, including special conductive ink. We offer a customized screen-printing solution for the automotive industry.

We offer a large-format screen printing solution for the infrastructure sector. We print on supplied polycarbonate sheets for bridges, escalators, roof elements and sound barriers. Consider adding line patterns or other shapes for an aesthetic and functional touch. Our expertise in printing on glass and polycarbonate ensures versatile and vibrant solutions.

Large-format screen printing service for outdoor roof structures. With our screen-printing service, we provide various finishes, such as printing an anti-graffiti varnish and/or printing white stripes for heat reflection and UV light resistance. We can also screen print various patterns or images on polycarbonate sheets, creating beautiful finishes.

We offer a high-quality screen-printing service for printing on glass, wood, and polycarbonate sheet material, with our machinery specifically developed for the interior construction sector. With our extensive expertise, we can create unique designs, patterns, and prints on these surfaces, providing your projects with a distinctive appearance. Whether it's a wooden wall, glass panels, or polycarbonate sheets, we screen print the design that perfectly aligns with your vision and preferences.

Our machine is designed to print a wide range of materials, including canvas, Lexan sheets, cardboard, foamed PVC, polycarbonate, MDF, wood and glass. Our screen-printing service offers an impressive size of up to 700cm x 210cm and a maximum thickness of 12 cm. This provides the flexibility and versatility for all your creative ideas. Challenge us, and we'd be happy to brainstorm together!

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We can print your sheets with:


  • UV protective coating

  • Stain resistant coating

  • Anti-scratch coating

  • Transparent colors
  • Various colors
  • UV inks
  • Solvent inks

We print on your sheets in large format, contact us!

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