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FAQ – Frequently asked questions:

1. What are PMS colours?
The Pantone Matching System is a standard colour system for your print. PMS colours are mixed manually. So when a specific colour has been chosen, this colour will definitely be used for the print. This in contrast to the full colour printing technique for which a grid is used.
2. What is full colour?
When applying full colour prints we use 4 main colours; cyan, magenta, yellow and black. By use of tiny grid markers the colours are compiled, as it were, on the paper comparable with picture quality. In full colour-print, virtually any colour can be printed, just like a coloured picture. If we are dealing with a coloured or transparent product, also white must be printed underneath the logo.
3. Is black a colour as well?
Yes, black is a colour as well. Although at school we used to learn it is not, according to the printer it is. For the printer, it is a printing run. It only thinks in terms of printing runs (colours).
4. When placing an order, do I first get a digital sample print?
Yes, we will provide a digital sample print by email, without charge.
Using a digital sample print, a photograph is made, on which the logo or image is applied to the product by use of Photoshop or Illustrator.
5. What are your minimum and maximum print sizes
The maximum print size depends on the shape of your product.
Flat products can even be fitted with a print as large as 250 cm x 150 cm.
6. What ways of product shipment do you use?
We always pack your order in neutral packaging with neutral labels.
We make use of the 24 hour service of DHL to dispatch your order. We also organise your pallet shipments, from € 38 within The Netherlands and from € 48 for a pallet to Belgium
7. How do I submit my file?
You can submit your files in several file formats. The most common file formats are: .PDF .AI. and EPS.
8. Which requirements should my files meet?
In order to achieve an optimal result, your files should meet a number of requirements. For more information, please ask for our delivery specifications.
9. Which materials are you able to print on?
We can achieve good adhesion on virtually any material.
We can carry out different tests in our laboratory. Based on these tests, we select the right type of ink and possible pre-treatment and/or post-treatment.
10. How many different colours are you able to print with?
We can print your logo with up to 6 colours in a single run. If desired, we can print your product in multiple stages, making the number of colours limitless.
11. Which printing techniques do you use?
We have several printing techniques at our disposal, allowing us to provide any product with a logo. The most common technique is pad printing, then screen printing, digital printing and foil printing.
12. Do you charge packing costs too?
We charge every operation, for example packing or unpacking the product. If, after printing, the products can be placed in a large box, no extra charges apply. This will be discussed with you in advance.
13. Do you also make top-coatings for UV-resistance and scratch resistance?
We work together with a number of companies who are able to apply a scratch or UV-resistant coating on your product.
14. What is the lead time of the products?
After delivery of the products, our lead time is approximately 1 working week (depending on the size).

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